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Symbolic Camera

My symbolic camera resembles an old-fashioned film reel camera. The Vanuatu photos on the big reel symbolise the film, as well as the memories and friendships which I already have. The small reel is left blank, showing my uncertainty about what is awaiting me in Scotland. The big reel reads "Yesterday I provided for you. Today my family provides for me", whereas it says on the small reel "Tomorrow you will provide for my family". This quote comes from a conversation I had with Donnalyn's cousin Joseph in 2014: One day I told him I felt guilty because everyone always cooked for me, and I asked him how I could contribute more. He replied with aforementioned quote, and pointed out that when everyone helps everyone, there is no need for specific reciprocity. In this spirit, my aim was to give back something to Donnalyn, just the way her family provided for me before.  

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