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Making Of 

The footage shot in Vanuatu is an assemblage of spontaneous recordings made in collaboration with the family's children. We documented domestic spaces, gardens, walks through the jungle, social events and filmed ourselves playing and singing. A GoPro 3+ and a Sony Alpha 57 with Walimex Pro lense and Manfrotto tripod were used. 

The intention of making a film was one of the main reasons why I decided to meet Donnalyn and her family. However, on arrival I realised that the household's playful environment called for a more participatory and spontaneous approach to shooting. Again, the children got involved in filming as well as performing. I incorporated questions about their relationship to Vanuatu in broader conversations and plays we recorded at home or at the beach. Despite of Chris's openness towards me in personal conversation, he expressed his dislike of being filmed or photographed early on. I therefore chose to exclude him from the film altogether - a definite loss regarding his role in the story, but the only way to ensure his agency over material recorded of him. 


Interviewing Donnalyn turned out to be a difficult task, since her children required her constant attention. However, my promise of bringing her pictures from home was a key point of my visit. I chose to base my footage around the memories she shared, sparked by the photographs and films (whereas the latter turned out to be less appealing on camera, given the stark contrast of light during a screening). As a result, the interviewer/interviewee relationship dissolved, and what had already been shot became more important than what was being captured at the time. A Canon 700D was used together with a Rode Microphone and a Manfrotto tripod.  

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